Soulbid is a live public Auction & Set Sale to facilitate, buying and selling Northern and Rare Soul Music related vinyl records in 45, 12", LP and EP formats.

Tamla Motown, Funk, R&B, 70's & 80's Modern Soul, Garage and Doo Wop music genre 45's are also catered for.

Soulbid is a true live transparent online Auction and operates in real time fully automatically for both buyers and sellers.

All records placed on Soulbid are available for sale to the highest bidder.
Set Sale records are also available - The First Bid Wins.

Clicking the Logo at the top of the page will take you to the Soulbid front page.
To Register at Soulbid (required for Buying and Selling) please direct your browser HERE

If you would like to explore Soulbid's features fully without risk, please direct your browser to the Test Site HERE Please note all items and values on the Test Site are purely fictional, you will not be charged or expected to pay for anything you may win or post. Likewise you will not be winning the record either :)

You will need to Register to use the Test Site HERE before you begin, spurious data is acceptable on the Test Site but you do need to enter a current valid email address, otherwise crucial registration email will not be sent to you. Please note that the Test Site, like the Main Site works under an SSL layer, any data sent is 128 bit encrypted to ensure total privacy between anything sent to or received from the site.

If you would like to post a record for sale and bid on it against yourself please use the login's:
Username: A    Password: a

Username: B    Password: b

The maxbidding system works identically to that found on larger auctions.

Once Registered please login to your Test Account. This is the place to set options for email and postal charges, view your closed listings, view your account with Soulbid and make payment for the service. (only on the Live site)

We welcome any feedback, good or bad as it will help to make the site better.

Soulbid is currently best viewed on a larger screen at 1280 x 1040 resolution.

Thank you for your time.

Dazz Holt - Soulbid